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Causations (1 - 7)



Causations (1 - 7)
Title #1: Causations, 10 of Cups
Title #2: Causations, The chariot
Title #3: Causations, 6 of Coins
Title #4: Causations, Strength
Title #5: Causations, The Sun
Title #6: Causations, The Magician
Title #7: Causations, Queen of Cups

plaster, cotton, wool, twine, wood, adhesive, resin
Size: each aprox. 36 x 19 x 12 inches

I’ve always been fascinated with ideas of luck and superstition: from predicting a day’s challenges through peeling a hard-boiled egg, to catching the clock at 11:11 and making a wish. The power of these small, daily rituals or omens can help create focus and energy. This energy flows throughout us, spreads and is passed on, as we move throughout our day, into the people we come across or objects we create.
My newest series of artworks comes from a place of play, of chance, and a relinquishing of my own power. Each day before starting to design the outer shell of one of the seven pieces, I’d sit down with the tarot deck, meditate and pull a card. The card would show me the form that this day’s shell would take; the elements and translations of that card become the guide, the sign. The works are products of the alignment of stars at the specific time and place, but the interpretations can be boundless depending on who is listening.

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